Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my taxes go up?
There are many reasons the amount of tax on your property may change. Some of these include: a change in the appraised value due to market conditions; improvements made to the property; an additional tax (levy) was passed in an election; a special assessment has been added. The County Auditor is responsible for determining the value of property and the amount of tax due. Please see the Auditor for further information.
Why are my taxes so high?
When are taxes due?
Can I write a personal check for payment of taxes?
What should I do if I didn't receive a tax bill?
Can I get a paid receipt for taxes sent by mail?
If I mail my taxes and they don't arrive until after the due date, will I receive a penalty?
How much is the late payment penalty?
How can I find out if my taxes have been paid?
How do I change the mailing address for my tax bill?
I escrow my taxes with my mortgage payment but the bill was sent to me. What should I do?
How much are my real estate taxes?
What is the value of my property?
What are Special Assessments?
How much will the taxes be on the home I am planning to build?
Why did I get a real estate tax bill when I just purchased the home?
What is this Manufactured Home tax for? I paid sales tax when I bought my mobile home.
I own the mobile home but not the ground it sits on, so why do I have to pay the tax?
I put my mobile home on a foundation. Why do I still have to pay Manufactured Home taxes?
I don't agree with the value that has been placed on my property. What can I do?
Can I appeal the penalty amount?
When am I charged interest on my past due taxes?
My taxes are delinquent. When will my name be published in the paper?
If I mail my delinquent tax payment before October 31st, will my name be published?
How long do I have before my property is foreclosed on?

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