Duties of the Treasurer

The County Treasurer is responsible for the collection of real estate, manufactured home and estate taxes. The Treasurer also collects all payments received by the county. These payments are collected in a variety of ways - over the counter by cashiers, through the mail, through other agencies, electronically, in cash or by check. These funds are then deposited into the county's bank accounts by the Treasurer. The county pays expenses by warrants, which look like checks, that are issued by the Auditor's office - the Treasurer redeems the warrants when they are returned through the banking system. The Treasurer keeps track of all cash receipts and disbursements and balances daily with the Auditor.

As the county's cash manager, the Treasurer is responsible for the management of more than 100 million dollars each year and serves as the chief investment officer of the county. Earning the maximum rate of return on the county's money while maintaining safety and liquidity are primary responsibilities of the Treasurer. On a daily basis investments are structured to ensure funds are available to meet the needs of the county. Eligible investments are defined in Section 135 of the Ohio Revised Code and the Treasurer's Investment Policy.

The Auditor determines what taxes are due. Then the Treasurer prepares tax bills and accepts and records payments made to the county. The collection period for real estate and manufactured home taxes takes place twice a year.

The names of taxpayers who are delinquent will be published by the Auditor in the newspaper as required by law. The Treasurer is responsible for the collection of the delinquent taxes and works with Taxpayers who do not pay their taxes in a timely manner by offering payment plan options when appropriate. When necessary, the Treasurer works with the Prosecutor to collect these taxes through legal action.

The Treasurer also serves on several boards and commissions including the Budget Commission, the Board of Revision, the Investment Advisory Board, and the Automatic Data Processing Board.

If you have questions, comments, or require additional information about the Treasurer's office please feel free to call Ross County Treasurer David Jeffers at 740-702-3080 or email him at treasurer@rosscountyohio.gov.

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